My Beliefs

I am a West Virginian by choice!

We have children without food, no bed to sleep in, too many without parents, but blessed by their being cared for by their Grandparents, and Foster Parents. It is difficult for me to see helping people from other countries when we have our own people living in abject poverty, many living in our streets and starving every day!


I strongly believe that our Great State will flourish when we have good paying jobs for everyone!


My Christian teachings - the Holy Scriptures tell me that life begins at conception – “Period!” I am most convinced that beliefs and interpretations contrary are against God’s Will. Personally, I can’t believe that there are some in our society today that are so pro-abortion that they do not see that killing a new-born baby, fresh out of its mother’s womb, is murder! I have seen what abortion does, not only to the babies, but to the women. The guilt and shame leave huge scars, and what is seldom talked about is that men are affected by this horrible act. If only therapists and counselors could share those stories. As your elected representative I will protect the values of Christian Families.


We need more job opportunities for West Virginians! We can thank God that we have our natural resources, as we've relied on Coal Mining since the late 1800's. I am definitely pro coal mining! I also believe that we need to diversify for job opportunities, and open our State for areas like manufacturing, lumbering, farming, recreation, and there are other possibilities.

Pro-second amendment

I believe that the Second Amendment is our most important and vital amendment for our Freedom and Democracy today! Without our Rights under the Second Amendment – all the other amendments go along the wayside!

Without the ability to have guns, we would be enslaved by a runaway, socialist government. All we have to do is look at the citizens of countries who have had their guns and their right to defend themselves taken away.

Yes, I am a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and a member of the West Virginia Citizens’ Defense League (WVCDL)!


We have a small window of the next four plus years to set our Country on a solid foundation to overcome the growing socialist mindset that is becoming prevalent in Washington Politics today. This is where you and I come in – this is our future and we need to stand up to Keep America Great.

We have to see the bigger picture! 

  • I believe the very foundation of our society has become brittle since they took the bible and prayer out of our schools in 1962- 1963. As a result, ACT scores have plummeted, kids aren’t learning the difference between right and wrong … which leads to bad behaviors. We are seeing an increase in domestic violence, poor parenting, poor handling of finances, and last, but not least - the use of drugs and alcohol to help us deal with our day to day lives. The Holy Bible gives us a sound doctrine of standards to live by.

  • There are forces in our country today who want to change the United States into an Islamic state with its Sharia Law.

  • Other countries are letting themselves get overrun with migrants, and as a result, their history, culture and social systems are being destroyed. The sad part is that the people don’t even see what’s happening, since it is gradually changing.

  • We must keep OUR Country strong. Only after we have this will we be able to help other countries with THEIR problems.